Marketing is all about building a brand with your audience

Trying to introduce a new product? Looking to connect to a wider audience?
Want to improve your digital storefront?
Since 2014, RedFox Media has developed video content
and marketing strategies to showcase new products and reinforce current brands.
Check out some of our recent work below and if you see something you like,
we’d love to make you something too.



This was a video we made for Eyedia’s new consignors campaign.
Inform current and new consignors about the process and simplicity of consigning with Eyedia.
This project was one of our biggest projects. It combined long takes on a Steadicam with complex choreography for our team of crew and actors that resulted in one of our favorite projects ever.

A + M OIl Mobilized Fuel unit

This was a video we made to promote A+M Oil’s new Mobilized Fuel Unit at an upcoming trade show.
Convey new information about the truck as well as encourage companies to give emails and contact information while at the trade show.
During the shoot day while we flew the drone we ran into some rainy weather. We just squeezed in our shots before the rain really started coming down and we had to pack up for the day.

Project Partners

Like what you see?

We would love to make something like this for you. If you would like more example footage please let us know. Contact us to see if RedFox is the right fit for your next project. Even if you do not want any films now we would like to know more about you and what you do. So feel free to contact us with anything you need.