Gabe Chandler

I am an actor and filmmaker born and raised in Lexington, KY. I’ve been infatuated with performing whether it be acting or singing from a very young age, growing up on classic Disney animated films and my mom’s favorite Golden Age movie musicals. I’ve always had an affinity for the stage, whether it be an actual stage, a film set, or a voiceover booth. Hand-in-hand with a love of performing media came the fascination of wanting to know how it was made, and this dual love and curiosity is what lead me to pursue a double major in Theatre & Cinema Performance and Media Communications with a Film Studies emphasis.

Objective/Career Goal:
To use my talents and love of performance to tell stories that I believe need to be told.

BA in Media Communications - Film Studies - Asbury University 2016
BA in Theatre & Cinema Performance - Asbury University 2016

Media Highlights:
-Highbridge Film Festival 2016 Best Actor Award Winner:  “God, Todd, and the Devil”
(The Devil)
-Highbridge Film Festival 2012 Best Actor Award Winner: “Lawrence: Declassified”
(Lawrence Henry Connor)
-Shakespeare Summer Acting Course at The Old Globe Theatre, London, U.K. 2017
-Certified Steadicam Operator