3 Step Summary on How to Use Content-Driven SEO

There are many ways to get the internet to notice you. Videos, blogs, memes, events, etc. etc. etc. Your clients are everywhere. But there are so many voices, and all of them are trying to get your potential clients’ attention. And while it’s easy to get sucked into the latest “SEO Hack of 2019”, I’m of the opinion that creating relevant, consistent, metadata enriched content will increase your social media engagement, get people clicking through to your landing page, and convert more people into lifelong relationships. In short, content-driven SEO.

Notice how I didn’t say a LOT of content. Because there are literal YEARS of content on the internet right now. And while video might be the most powerful communicator, you’ve got to find a way to get people to pay more attention, listen to your message for them, and realize that they can trust you with what you have to say.

The map below explains it pretty clearly but I wanted to break open exactly what you’re looking at when it comes to Content-Driven SEO Boosting.

#1 It Starts With Content

What kind of content? 

Relevant: You need to know who your demographic is and what information they’re looking for. 40 year old single moms search for very different things than 25 year old entrepreneurs. So research what demographic your business or product services and curate messages related to them. And learn what your competition is posting about so that you can see what they’re saying, and what they’re not saying so you can fill in the gaps. Research, research, research. 

Consistent: It doesn’t need to be often. We don’t expect you to post 4 photos, 6 videos, and 13 blog posts. That will exhaust you and your content will ultimately get lost in the shuffle. Instead, focus on creating one relevant piece of content. We’ll tell you what to do with it in a little bit.

Metadata Enriched: This is where that research you did comes into play. Make your keywords, title descriptions, and tags outline the subjects that your demographic is looking to know. And what your competition isn’t talking about.

Then craft your video content. And yes I do mean video. Video is VERSATILE. You only have to do the creative work ONCE if you treat your content right. 

Your video contains, visual, auditory and text information. Translation: Youtube, Podcast, and Blog. All wrapped into one piece of content that you spent 2 hours developing the ideas for.

Create 1 piece of large content, extract the 3 pieces and put them in their respective places (i.e. YouTube, Podbean, your website).  

#2 Dice and Distribute that Content

Now it’s time to boost that SEO by distributing that content in a wide spread.

1) Choose the best segments of 30-60 seconds and cut them out of the main content. This is what we call “microcontent”.

2) Post those 30-60 second clips on ALL the social media platforms and send them as part of your email or text chain. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIN (remember to keep your tags, descriptions, and keywords UNIFORM.)  

-P.S. That research you did at the beginning will inform you as to where your target demographic lives online and how to get a hold of them.

3) In the descriptions of these “microcontent” pieces, put links to both the large pieces of content and your website/landing page. Inside the microcontent, tell your audience (we say Call to Action), to follow these links to the full information.

Content-Driven SEO Outline.jpg

#3 Continue to Track Your Content

Do you see it? You’ve just put content in (at bare minimum) 4 different places. 4 different pages. 4 different points of contact for your business to be seen. Google can now suggest 4 pages with your name, business, and subjects for discussion on it. And that’s good.

One piece of content + microcontent +  uniform metadata = higher SEO

Track your analytics and see what keywords perform better than others. Do your research. Pick your topics. Make one more piece of content. Rinse and Repeat.

Just making content is no longer king. Just because you make a lot of it doesn’t mean it will get seen. You need to be making relevant, consistent, metadata infused content that populates a wide variety of places.

Oh. I almost forgot one. 

#4 Make EXCELLENT Content

It has to be excellent. Well written, well shot, well curated and well executed content.

That SEO won’t grow at all if nobody wants to watch, read, or listen to something mediocre. Or worse, bad. Audiences know when something looks, sounds, and feels bad. And if your business is putting out content that is sub-par, that reflects poorly on your company.

Do you want to be seen as a legitimate source? Heard as a voice of expertise in your field? Seen as a leader in your industry?

Make. Excellent. Content. (or hire somebody to make it for you)

And if you still have questions, please feel free to reach out. We’d love to talk through how we’ve seen this model work with businesses who were looking to grow, connect with their audience, and maximize their Content-Driven SEO. We’d love to talk.