3 types of videos your business needs

Whether you are a physical business are an online retailer, you should have these videos on your company website.

1. Testimonials

These are the most important type of videos that you can have on your website. Everyone has been to a site and seen the reviews that look like they were pulled off a stock photo website. Text reviews often reduce trust if they don't seem authentic. Testimonial videos are a much stronger way to enforce that people love your brand! How much better is it to have someone look you in the eye and tell you with all their heart that they love brand XYZ? 

2. About

This is an important video that serves two purposes. One, it lets your customer know the scope, quality, and culture of your business in an insanely short amount of time. The second purpose is to build brand loyalty. When a customer hears the personal story about how much you overcame to start your company, they will want to make a purchase even more. About videos incorporate people into your brand and make them part of your legacy.

3. Walkthrough

If you have a physical location, this video is key. People go to places they are familiar with. Everyone has a favorite seat at the coffee shop or favorite couch they sit on. We are creatures of habit. So how can you create that with a potential customer? You guessed it. Have a video showing your physical location and show the experience that the customer is going to have from start to finish. This will make them much more comfortable and confident about choosing you over the competition. 


What do you do about it?

I get it, we see these articles all the time. "Do these five things to see results..." only to find out that they are trying to sell you on something. I really debated even writing this in the first place. So, I made myself a deal. I write it and give practical tips on how to accomplish these for free. Please note, we would love to make these videos for you and there is a reason professionals hire us to make quality films for them. But, if you don't have the budget for an awesome RedFox film, what can you do about it? 

There are three basic components to a quality amateur video. 

  1. Camera
  2. Sound
  3. Lighting

Start by getting a camera, to be frank, your smartphone will probably be the best at this. Find a way to stabilize it. Prop it up on something, tape it to the wall, have a mime hold it, etc... Find a way to get the camera as stable as possible. 

The second thing is sound. If you are a carpenter, don't film in your shop. Go somewhere quiet with no echos. Like a living room with carpet, your front office, etc... 

Lastly, turn on all of the lights. Give your camera as much light as you can. If you have a large window use that to your advantage stand sideways facing 90 degrees from the window. This will give you a nice cinematic light.

Example of window light. The window is off to the side.

Example of window light. The window is off to the side.

And like in the picture above, film a medium shot (waist to top of head). Because the closer you are to the camera/phone the better your sound will be. Now that you have all of that ready, it's time to record. These next three things are equally important. 

  1. Smile
  2. Be confident
  3. Keep it short

These are so so so so important! I can't emphasize them enough. Smile, it makes you seem friendly. Be confident, you are an expert at what you do. Keep the dang thing short. If it takes you more than 30 seconds to say what you want, it's too long. Keep it under 1-minute max! Do a few takes, they get better every time.

Once you've taken these steps, recorded your video. Have someone press record, count out "one Mississippi" in your head and then say what you have to say. When you're done, smile and hold for two seconds. Have someone stop the camera. If you do it this way there isn't even a need to edit!

Now you have your video. Upload it to your site. You've now just set yourself apart from the competition and your future customers will love you for it! If you have any questions, feel free to email us, we'd love to help you with you recording your own video. More than that, if your interested in showing how quality and professional your brand is we would love to make a film for you that harnesses the art of cinema to make your audience feel the way you do.