Turning attention to tHe story

In your church there is probably a need to communicate with your specific congregation as a whole. Whether that be mission trip recaps, pastoral announcements, baptism testimonials, student events, etc. It can be difficult to communicate the full emotion of a past event or the importance of an upcoming one. That's where we come in. We make people feel the passion that you feel, and that's the RedFox difference.


Student Conference Promo

A hype video to introduce the first day of the conference.

To encourage students to prepare themselves to participate wholeheartedly in the events and activities of the conference.

While this video is one of the best we’ve ever made, it came with a very interesting challenge. Our only direction was “make us a cool video”. With little more to go on, we did our best to create narrative parallels as well as set an emotional tone that we didn’t have any direction on. Even in all of it, the video came together beautifully and the conference was a huge success.

Sojourn Church: Carlisle Campus Announcement

To create an announcement video for the upcoming church expansion.

To give context of the situation to the current congregation as well as encourage them to surround their new faith family in love.

This was the first video we ever made with Sojourn. We didn’t know the lead pastor or any of the staff on hand before we were called out to make them this video. Still, we ended up having a great time as well as creating a great relationship with a church just as passionate as we are.

Project Partners

Like what you see?

We would love to make something like this for you. If you would like more example footage please let us know. Contact us to see if RedFox is the right fit for your next project. Even if you do not want any films now, we would like to know more about you and what you do. So feel free to contact us with anything you need.