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Post-production supervisor

Jaimie Larson

I am a storyteller originally from Chicago, IL. I grew up in Bangkok, TH where I fell in love with story. Not just the made up ones, but the testimonies of those that surrounded me. I learned very early that everyone has a perspective to share. I see video and film-making as the perfect avenue to explore those unique perspectives. It wasn’t until I attended University that I decided my passions lied in post-production and editing. It requires patience and problem-solving, but the reward is watching each story come together. I see video as an incredible asset for businesses and nonprofits, and I aim to help share their stories the best way possible.

Objective/Career Goal:
I want to use film to share perspectives that would otherwise go unseen.

BA in Media Communications - Asbury University 2017

Media Highlights:
DP and Editor for The Power of Recognition documentary