director of client relations

Faye Price

I grew up in Iowa Park, Texas and moved to Louisville in 2017 to pursue my Master's. Soon I met the RedFox gang and quickly fell in love with their passion for cinematic excellence and their genuine care for their clients. Though I had no background in film I quickly caught their vision and knew that I could use my skills to be a part of their growth. I pitched my background in administration and client management and was blessed to become a part of the team. I have learned so much about film along the way, but my passion still remains to keep RedFox running smoothly and to help other business understand and utilize film in the most efficient and effective way possible. I believe video can change the game for businesses and I believe in RedFox with all I've got.

Objective/Career Goal:
I want to inspire businesses to share their stories through film to engage clients and pursue excellence.

BA in Philosophy – Baylor University 2016

BA in Religious Studies – Baylor University 2016

MDiv in Great Commission Studies – The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary In Progress